Louise Permiin is a Danish design researcher, educator and consultancy. Her work is specialised in the realm of co-design and ecocriticism, with a specific interese in the impact of networks, particularly in the context of regenerative and multispecies design. 

Louise explores co-design processes using interdisciplinary methods and tools to create sensory experiences that encourage a shift towards multispecies perspectives. The goal is to awaken your senses, stimulate imagination, and prompt a new perspective on the world. Louise's work serves as a guide to experiencing the future and envisioning the unimaginable. She employs immersive and experiential methods alongside critical system and future thinking, forming a realm of techniques that make abstract issues, like our complex use of resources, tangible.




2023                Working with soil                                                     Jordens Hus, Vridsløse fængsel, Albertslund, DK

                        Listening to soil                                                       Jordens Hus, Vridsløse fængsel, Albertslund, DK

                        CO-ACT - Multispecies Design in Practice              Innovation school, Glasgow school of Arts, UK               

                        Forsigth and futuring in design                                ITU, AAU and Designschool Kolding, ITU, DK

                        CO-ACT - Multispecies Design in Practice              Planet, Designschool Kolding, DK


2022                CO-ACT - Multispecies Design in Practice              Get-Restarted Conference, The Royal Academy, DK

                        Regenerativ design                                                  Klimaforlkemødet Middelfart, Middelfart, DK

                        Prefered Futures                                                      Planet, Designschool Kolding, DK


2021                Prefered Futures                                                      Planet, Designschool Kolding, DK





2023                Futuring alternatives biobased colour systems       PLATE Conference, Aalto University, FI

                        Re-centering Matters                                               International Fashion Conference, IUAV, IT


2022                CO-ACT - Multispecies Design in Practice             Get-Restarted Conference, The Royal Academy, DK


2021                Multispecies design                                                 NORDES, Designschool Kolding, DK

                        Placemaking                                                            STS Conference, Copenhagen Buisness school, DK


2020                ArtyFarty: Klimakunst                                              TV show, DR1, DK


2019                Adfærd med tøjvask                                                Radio broadcast, P1 morgen, DK                                                                   
                        Adfærd med tøjvask                                                Forskningens døgn, Peace tech. KEA, DK





2023                Jord/Luft, Vibrant soils                                             Jordens Hus, Vridsløse Fængsel, DK


2021                Taboo Materials                                                       Materfad, Barcelona, SP

                        Taboo Materials                                                       Materfad, Dutch Design Wee, NL

                        Taboo Materials                                                       Materfad, Milan design week, IT


2019                WASHED OUT/ a report on Microplastic Fribers     Material design lab, KEA, DK

                        WASTE                                                                    Konya and Kayseri, TR


2018                WASTE                                                                    Istanbul Design Biennial, TR

                        G18 Campina                                                          Dutch Design Week, NL


2017               COLOURS, Pink flamingo,                                       Luma museum, FR



Design researcher, educator and consultancy