Louise Permiin

Peeing, Processing, Producing     2018


A travelling archive visualising a range of urine-produced textile colours. Urine has long been used as a natural fixative to dye textiles because of its ammonia content.


Peeing, Processing, Producing now uses urine itself as a self-produced textile dye in order to create a closer relationship between our daily behaviour, our bodies and the environment . The range of colours in our urine reveals a record of our daily consumption of food, medicines and chemicals. Some effects are plainly visible. Others, like the substance Bisphenol-A - in plastics, cans and receipts - only appear after chemical reactions. This reaction reveals a blue textile-dye on each archived textile, if the chemical is present.


Peeing, Processing, Producing approaches urine as a representative, informative, and poetic resource to create an ever-changing collection of textile dyes that reveals our individual and societal actions.


Chemest and artist
Špela Petric (NL)


Sewage system

Stella Bjerglund (DK)

Chemical analyse of BPA in urine samples

A developing colour scale of BPA present in the collected urinesamples.

In yellow colours BPA are not present in the urine sample where in the dark blue colours BPA are present in the urine sample.