The Pink Flamingo project, conducted in collaboration with the LUMA Foundation in Arles, France, focuses on the colours of flamingoes in the Camargue region.


This design initiative delves into the changes in the appearance of greater flamingoes over the past two decades, attributed to shifting weather conditions. Flamingoes acquire their distinct hues from the algae they consume, which varies depending on their ecosystems condition. The project challenges conventional notions of pink flamingoes and produces a series of bioplastic cutlery from feathers,
imitating the varied colourations that flamingoes display in accordance with varying weather conditions.

Pink Flamingo 

Exhibition, 2017

Design researcher, educator and consultancy

How might we benefit from studying the variation in flamingo colours as an indicator of environmental changes?

Proejct managedment by Louise Permiin


Supervised by

Colour designer, Brecht Duijf



Social Designer Henriette Waal (NL)