Pink Flamingo     2017


        A project on colours in Camargue in collaboration with Luma foundation, an artmuseum in Arles, (FR). 

        This research project investigate the past 20 years difference in the greater flamingoes coloured appearance, due to the changeing weather conditions. 


        Flamingoes eat algees which is the reason for their coloured appearence. Depending on the ecosystem of the algee they change in colour. The project question our idea of pink flamingoes and make a serie of different coloured 

        bioplastic cutlery made on feathers from 

        different weather conditions. 





        LUMA foundation (FR)


        Colour designer

        Buro BELÈN 

        Brecht Duijf (NL)


        Social Designer

        Henriette Waal (NL)

        gallery/algea pigments research redigeret
        gallery/test 2
        gallery/second sample

        Flamingoes in a park of Amsterdam

        Seven tests on different flamingo colours due to environmental influences within the past 20 years.

        Changing colours of bioplastic made from flamingofeathers 2016, a season with a lot of rain.