The Sheep's Islands   2019


          A design project in process.

          The projec investigate and develop applications for acustic material made of otherwise yearly burned Faeroese wool.

          The project aims to communicate the qualities and origin of the Faeroese Nordic Shorthair wool. The goal is to shape a new material understanding that valueing the wool locally. 

          The vision of the project is in longer terms to cultivate a more sustainable material approach in order to lower a yearly waste of resources. 



          Construction and architecture

          Lendager Group

          Morten Risom (DK)


          Funded by

          Statens kunstfond

          Nationalbankens jubilæumsfond


          Faroe sheepfarmer that yearly burn 40kg sheep wool.
          Kalsoy (fo) 13.07.2019

          Collected, marked and structured Faroe Sheep,

          Kalsoy (fo) 13.07.2019