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What if sheep can help us to think and design differently?


The Sheep Islands is a design project that investigate and develop new system thinking of otherwise yearly burned Faeroese wool. The project aims to communicate the qualities and origin of the Faeroese Nordic Shorthair wool and through experimental design use the knowledge of sheep to rethink new material purposes in local use.


The vision of the project is in to cultivate a holistic material approach in order to lower a yearly waste of otherwise discarded resources. The goal is to shape a new material understanding that valueing wool locally. 

The Sheep Islands 

Design project, 2019

Field work

Design process


What is the problem? On the Faroe Islands, there are 75,000 sheep, each bearing 1 kg of wool which annually is harvested. Approximately two-thirds of the wool is gathered, but unfortunately, the remaining 25 tons are yearly discarded. 

What if we examine how the sheep themselves utilize their wool, taking into account its valuable qualities, and then reconsider our approach to material usage accordingly?

"We need a new system for collecting and using the wool locally whitout to many production steps."


- Dorthea Joensen, Búndarstovarn, 2019




"You would need to use the eathetic of wool in the building blocks otherwise the costs can not compet with issolation material from the building industry."


- Karí Thomsen, Easy Dome, 2019

Project management by Projectleader Louise Permiin, Graphic designer Andreas Solhøj & Industrial designer Signe Lemche



  • Búndastorvan,
  • Local sheep breeders (FO),
  • Architects (FO & DK)


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