What if soil inhabitants took part in a co-design process?

Vibrant Soils - Why care for soil health? is an evolving artistic research project that creates sensory tools and experiences in order to raise awareness of the connection between earthworms and soil health. Through a mix of biological, eco-acoustic and co-design processes, the project aims to forge relationships between ourselves (humans) and earthworms and to bring to light the important but often invisible processes happening within the soil beneath our feet.


In Vibrant Soils - Why care for soil health?, we use the grounds of Vridsløse Fængsel as our research location. In field work here, we investigated the local soil and captured unique sound recordings from locations in the earth around the former prison. We used these localized recordings as the basis from which to develop experimental methods and artistic interventions to activate sensory interaction and connection with soil and its inhabitants. It is our hope that the prototypes and artistic interventions on display in this exhibition can contribute towards an expanded understanding of soil health in relation to the lives of earthworms.

Vibrant Soils

Exhibition, Jordens Hus 2023

Workshops, Jordens Hus 2023

As a part of Vibrant Soils, our artistic research group offered workshops that invited participants to explore their own sensory interaction with soil and with the grounds of Vridsløse Fængsel.

On 12.11.23, from 13-15:00, sound artist Robert Rizzi discussed his inventive methods for capturing sounds from the everyday world around us and guided participants in their own investigations of vibrations from Vridsløse prison's surroundings. On 18.11.23, from 13-15:00, artist and ceramicist Anna Andersen introduced participants of the 2# workshop to the basics of working with clay and the basics of 3D printing with clay.

Project managed by

Artist Sarah Trahan,

Design researcher Louise Permiin,

and Biologist and Senior Researcher Emeritus Paul Henning Krogh.




Funded by

Albertslund kulturfond

Jordens Hus

Design researcher, educator and consultancy

"I have never thought oabout soil being alive, or that it says sounds" - visitor


"It is stunnishing how you can transfrom soundinto 3D shapes" - visitor