WASHED OUT/ a report on microplastic fibres    2019


        A research project and -book that investigates our daily, mostly subconscious, behaviours and interactions with microplastic fibres.

        This book is based on a three-month research study that explored the topic of laundry using different methodologies. With hands on experimentations, consumer analysis and

        self-conducted tests, this study aims to pose questions towards our everyday surroundings.It investigates the content of regular laundries, each items segregation of microfibers during wash and their environmental as well as bodily effect during use. Furthermore, it guides you through the origin of plastic, the most common plastics used in clothing and investigate if a plastic substance is presence in our

        bi-production of urine.

        The aim of this project is to identify and create awareness of the issue of microplastics in our daily surroundings and to get a glimpse of its circulating effects.      


        Material Design Lab
        Købehavns Erhvervsakademi (DK)

        gallery/redigert nog 2 washed out
        gallery/redigeret washed out side 3

        A graph and overviewof plastic and microplastic influences.

        Laundry analysis of synthetic content and microplastic segregation during wash.



        We need to start question the materials we use, wear and interact with.
        Is plastic needed in clothing?
        What does synthetic fibers do to the environment?
        And how does it impact the human body while being in use?

        gallery/badetøjsfnug i mørke

        Microplastic fibres from on sweater