Know your broiler is a design project aiming to bring consumers closer to the origin of their broiler.


By inviting the consumer to follow the 8 weeks of a broilers life, from being an eeg til ended on your dining table, the goal is to get a better understanding of who you consume. 

"Know Your Broiler" provides a membership allowing you to track your broiler's development from egg to roaster. Through an app, you can engage with your broiler over the next 8 weeks until it reaches maturity for consumption.

Know your broiler 

Design project, 2015

Design process


Design researcher, educator and consultancy

What if experimental co-design methods could bring consumers  closer to their broiler?

BA project managed by

designer Andreas Solhøj &

Louise Permiin


Supervisod by

Associate professor Ulla Ræbild and

Lecturer Tau Lenskjold




"Interesting approach for making the consumers more aware of their foods origion. "


- COOP marketing